Your phone has been hacked, here is how.

Who is using your smart phone?

Your smart phone is your life and you use it for everything from Facebook to banking but is it safe? Here are some of the most recent hacks that you might be a victim of;

Do you have an iPhone?

Here is how the Pegasus iPhone spyware works;

  • You receive a text message with a link to website and click the link.
  • Using a bug in Safari web browser the cyber criminal gains access to the system kernel (the core of the iPhones software)
  • Using an authentication bug in the kernel the cyber criminal is able to replace it with their own custom kernel.
  • The cyber criminal now has full access to your and listen on every call you make, see every text you send, steal data and passwords from your apps and read all of your emails.


Android is no safer.

Here is how HummingBad works;

  • You download an app direct from a website.
  • The cyber criminal then sends a system update notification.
  • Once you click this and the cyber criminal get system level permissions.
  • The cyber criminal then loads your device with ads slowing the phone and draining its battery, all the while they are raking in ad revenue.


What’s next for Android

Here is one that you could see in the coming months in any device with the Qualcomm chip;

  • You download an app from the store.
  • The cyber criminal then uses a bug to gain remote access.
  • The cyber then uses another bug to gain root permissions
  • The cyber criminal can access to any data stored on the phone, use the cameras, use the microphone and track your every move using the GPS.

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