Why your browsing habits could get you fired

Are you the weak cyber link?

All of the computers have been down all morning, customers are complaining and demanding service, the IT guys are frantically running around and everybody is shouting. Later that day you get called into the manager’s office and told that your PC was the source of the malware outbreak that you caused all of the problems.

With 74% of small businesses reporting that they have been infected by malware in the last year alone, this scenario could be all too real.

Do not be the weak link: follow the 3 golden rules and you will not be the weak link that brings down the company and ultimately your career.

3 Golden rules of web browsing

  1. Do Not browse social media at work. You may think that Facebook is a harmless time waster but everyday 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked and these accounts are used to spread malware to you, your friends and your family.
  1. Keep your software up to date. As cyber criminals find vulnerabilities, software companies release patches and updates. By ignoring these patches and updates you are vulnerable. 51% of users have at least one bit of software that dangerously out of date. The hackers know this and will target this.
  1. Do not click on adverts. Adverts on the web may link to infected websites and clicking them will infect you. Earlier in 2016 fake adverts for the BBC infected thousands with ransomware and one hospital paid £12,000 in an attempt to recover its lost data.

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