Why your anti-virus can’t protect you.

Are you as safe as you think?

As a savvy member of the digital world you’ve installed a reputable anti-virus program and now you think you’re safe. WRONG here is why you need multiple level of security;

  1. Malware Is Not the Only Threat

No anti-virus software will stop social engineering where the hacker tricks you into giving them your password. As these tricks don’t use malware your anti-virus software is useless against them.


  1. There’s Too Much Malware

In 2015 there were nearly 1 million new malware threats being released daily, no anti-virus can keep up with that kind volume. Most anti-virus programs have success rates of 90% or similar which means 1 in ten malware infections will slip by. This success rate and the volume of malware makes your chance of infection a certainty if you are only relying on anti-virus.


  1. Cyber Criminals Are Faster.

Most anti-virus software will only stop 30% of brand new malware (0-Day Threats) and it can up to 24 hours to get that success rate to 90% or higher. This means that you are vulnerable to 700,000 of the daily released malware. How do you like the odds of your anti-virus now?

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