I’m calling from Microsoft … or am I

The tech support scam that could leave YOU out of pocket

You receive a call, answer and the caller says that they are from Microsoft.

According to them your computer is infected with a virus and you are at risk. If you give them access they can help you out.

Once you have given them access they show you some technical looking readouts and say that you will need to pay them for this ‘service’ and ask you for your card/bank details.

But at least your PC is fixed, safe and Microsoft themselves did the job right? Well let’s see what Microsoft say on the subject of cold calls;

You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes.

So there you go, you have handed over control of your computer and your card/banking information to some mystery person that is definitely not from Microsoft.

If you are lucky they’ve only stolen your money if not that they have infected or damaged your computer and emptied your bank account.

This scenario is one that is happening all over the country right now. In 2015 scams such as this took home £30 million.

So what should you do to avoid being a victim?


  1. It is worth repeating that

You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes.” So if someone from Microsoft asks for access just hang up.

  1. Do not give access to people you do not know.

There may be times that technicians will need access to your PC and may ring to get it, ask them questions such as who do you work for? and specific information about your company they should know if they are actually your tech support. If you are ever in doubt do not give them access.

  1. Never give out financial information to a technician over the phone.

A technician no matter where they are from will never ask you for payment over the phone nor will they sell you services or software over the phone and ask for immediate payment, if they do hang up they are a scammer.

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