I Can be you, with 5 bits of information

Is your identity safe?

Identity fraud has been on the rise for years! As the internet makes it easier than ever hackers to take out loans, credits cards and apply for bank accounts in your name.

The result of which can leave you with £1000s of debt and a credit rating in tatters. You could even be taken to court or have the bailiffs repossessing your belongings.

How easy would it be for me to steal your information?

People share lots of information online, they give away their email address when the sign up for accounts and they often enter their true date of birth to verify the age when prompted.

Social media is another good source for information. People often post to celebrate their birthday and even if they don’t, many friends and family will.

Sites like Linkedin contain details of where you work and who you have worked with.

Finally the companies that hold your data may have a security breach and your data could end up for sale on the darknet for pennies.

How little information is needed for me to steal your life

Your email address – Not only can I can use this information to phish and spear phish for more information but it will also act as a username for a lot of your online accounts such Facebook, Amazon & twitter. Depending on how you have chosen your email I might be able to get your name from it as well as the company you work for.

Your full name – One of the easiest bits of information to steal is also one the most useful as I can use it to apply for things in your name, look you up online, find you on social media or look you up on the electoral register.

Your Date of birth – This bit of information is often asked when you confirm your identity so I will need it if I’m pretending to be you. It can also be used when resetting passwords. When combined with other information I can use this to narrow down my research online after all there may be 1000s of John Smiths but only one John Smith born 06/08/74.

Your address – With the other information about you I’ve stolen, I can ask the post office to redirect all mail from your address to mine. Which will let me see your bills, bank statements, invoices and any thing else you get sent. All of which contains even more information to steal your identity.

Account numbers – When this information is combined with the other bits of information I stand a very good chance of being able take control of that account and rack up debt and payments all in your name.

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