Cyber threats you don’t know about.

Cyber-attacks and social engineering attempts can come from anywhere as savvy criminals try and keep one step ahead of you. Here are three threats that might blindside you and leave you out of pocket.


  1. Cyber-squatting: A typo can cost you dearly. Cyber-squatting is where cyber-criminals buy a website domain that is a misspelling of an existing domain and then when someone mistypes the domain the cyber-criminal infects the devices and redirects them to the correct website. For example, they might buy the domain so if you miss the ‘o’ in google then you get infected with malware.
  1. Smart phones: Many people think that smart phones cannot be infected with viruses and other malware, however this untrue and the rate of infection has doubled so far this year. One particularly worrying case of malware for phones was the new spyware that lets hackers gain complete access to all aspects of the phone including the camera, microphones and messages. For android phones, security experts have discovered a set of four new vulnerabilities that puts around 1 billion devices at risk.
  1. Zepto: Ransomware reinvented. Some of you have come across ransomware or even been victims of it and this dangerous new strain is particularly difficult to detect and it is spreading rapidly. As with other forms of ransomware this malware encrypts your data and makes it unreadable, if you want to get it back the cyber criminals will try and extort money out of you with no guarantee that it will actually decrypt your data.

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