Are Hackers Watching Your Children?

They’re always watching

Children these days are constantly online, children as young as 3 have regular access to internet facing devices such as tablets, televisions, laptops and computers. As many as 1 out of every 5 children could be the victims of hackers through these devices.

Over 3 million households own more than 8 internet facing devices which could be used and utilised by hackers to spy on you, your children and to gather information about your family.

The majority of people who buy new gadgets and toys don’t read privacy policies or terms and conditions of use, almost 90% of parents are not aware they are targeted by cyber-criminals.

Many parents haven’t even considered that gaming devices and web enabled toys (smart toys) are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Over 2.6 million households could have malware and spyware infections which allows a cyber-criminal to access your webcams, your phone camera or tablet camera allowing the attacker to see who is using the device, this could also be used by dangerous criminals to detect your location and steal your device.

Attackers also use laptops, smartphones and routers that are compromised to gather personal information such as bank details, passwords and social network information; they use this data to commit bank fraud, blackmail, identity theft and will try as many ways as possible to use the information they gather to extort, monetise or resell.

So the question ‘Are hackers watching your children?’ should be, how can we stop them watching our children?

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